The Locus Science Fiction Foundation is thankful for the generous contributions of the following listed folks. Their support allows us to preserve the invaluable legacy of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror fields, and to continue to promote contemporary speculative fiction.

David P Bader
Lynn P. Behrns
Diane Brunn
Scott H Burgess
Kieran Daly
Miguel Ángel Fernández Delgado
Bob Dobson
Douglas P. Doucette
Thomas Eivins
Gail C. Futoran
Gay & Joe Haldeman
Tom Harris
David Hook
Mark R. Kelly
Allen & Brenda Lewis
Jessica Litman
Michael C. Marks
Jonathan Mersel
Patricia A. McKillip
Roger E. Miller, Jr.
Louis R. Mills
Theresa M. Moore
Cat Neshine
Garth Nix
Scott Pohlenz
Florence A. Poump
Jonathan Prince
John Redford
Hannes Riffel, publisher Golkonda Verlag
The Second Foundation
John Soltau
Ian Stockdale
Peter Straub
Giorgio Sudati
Adam Byrn Tritt
Elise “Lee” Garnick Tritt
Congcong Zheng & Kourosh Soroushian


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